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Katie Dalziel


Katie began dancing at the age of three. She attended Keithe Williams Performing Arts Academy where she studied various styles of dance including ballet, jazz, tap, acrobatics, modern, contemporary, and lyrical. When Katie was 11, she began going to regional and national competitions and conventions where she was given several scholarships and special awards.

Since then, Katie has been working as a preschool teacher, camp counselor, dance teacher at local studios, and assisted with acrobatics units taught at The Falcon Academy of Creative Arts.

In addition to teaching at HCB, Katie is a full-time student at Kent State University where she is currently working on earning her bachelors degree in early childhood education. During her student career, she was selected for an internship with Carnival Cruise lines, where she spent three months working closely with the youth staff and entertainment team on board a Carnival ship.  

In 2018, Katie completed the Acrobatic Arts Module I certification. She uses this information and training in her Acro classes at HCB to ensure a safe and productive classroom environment.

Katie enjoys teaching and working with children and hopes to continue inspiring young minds and tiny feet for years to come.

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