What are national and professional standards?

"National" standard refers to the syllabus presented at the top schools in the country, such as American Ballet Theatre’s Jacquiline Kennedy Onassis School and New York City Ballet’s School of American Ballet. They represent a level of instruction that pays homage to the rich history of ballet while presenting the latest practices to raise standards of training. "Professional" standards refer to the current expected skill set an artist must have if they wish to pursue a career in performance. As with any specialized discipline, there are levels of knowledge that define the opportunities one may pursue as one progresses.

What if my child doesn’t want to be a professional?

The mission of HCB is to provide best training and enrichment to the community for all levels of interest. There are several levels of training and commitment available to our students and our goal is that involvement in our training and performances will give everyone experience and satisfaction.

Why is there a dress code?

HCB requires students to follow a dress code for each level. In order to properly instruct students in correct body alignment the arms, torso, and legs must be visible. Uniform information is available upon request and can also be found in the HCB handbook which will be received at time of enrollment.

Will my child automatically move up each year?

HCB strives to give each student the instruction they need for their current abilities. Students participating in beginner and up will only be advanced to the next level when instructors agree they will benefit from this transition. We are always willing to discuss your child’s progress, please contact the desk for a meeting with Eric or Sunita.

What are the benefits of dance training?

Studies have shown that training in any of the classical art forms supports higher levels of discipline and expression in children. A skilled dancer develops increased levels of physical awareness, maintains higher standards for themselves and has incredible drive towards success. We focus on building confidence and strong self-esteem in our dancers as they progress through their training, as well as individuality and expression. Performance opportunities help develop comfort in front of an audience and sharing unique art form with the community.

Is there a recital?

Each spring, HCB students will perform in our annual costumed review. The 2014-2015 review will be held at the Hudson Middle School on Saturday, May 30th. HCB will also hold a visitation week during the fall semester.

Can parents watch classes?

Parents are invited to view classes from the observation windows. We do ask that you do not linger at the windows or cause any distractions to the students. Instructors reserve the right to close the curtains should students become distracted by the happenings in the lobby.